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Medical Software Solutions

For effective organisation in all processes related to oncological therapies

Medical Software Solutions

Our software oncotrace®, developed especially for and with oncologists, supports and organises processes around the planning, ordering, administration and documentation of oncological therapies – for particularly high therapy safety, quality and efficiency. The standardisation of processes improves overall therapy management. Tumour documentation is direct and process oriented.

We are experts in processes related to patient care in practices, clinics and outpatient departments and constantly incorporate this practical knowledge into the development of oncotrace®. Our experience in the pharmaceutical field and our successful cooperation with oncologists enables us to create a future-proof IT solution that has proven itself in a constantly changing healthcare market.

Claas Thiele

Divisional Head of Medical Software Solutions

Josef-Dietzgen-Straße 1
53773 Hennef

Tel 02242 91832 0

With our software, doctors have more time for their main task: offering patients the best possible care.

The interface on the practice system avoids duplicate data entries. Standardised documentation is an important tool for internal quality assurance in a medical practice and fulfils the requirements of the oncology agreement.

Thanks to the modular program structure, each oncologist receives an individual software package that can be modified and adapted to their respective needs. The process from data acquisition to evaluation complies with the applicable data protection regulations.

Therapy planning

Interfaces to AIS

Basic documentation and statistics

Cancer registration