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Gundula and Matthias

Gundula and Matthias, you share leadership of the Project and Process Management division. Tell us about your positions and your responsibilities.

As Head of Process Management and Head of Project Management respectively, we supervise operative and strategic processes in outpatient medical care. We focus on central issues like structural processes and business development for our ambulatory healthcare centres (MVZ), for example, implementing the legal requirements of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, medical councils and health insurance companies. Project-related coordination in central administrative areas, such as IT, human resources and the legal department, also falls within our area of responsibility.

What attributes are particularly important in your division?

Our division is all about creating and organising process structures, among other things. It is necessary to have the ability to work in a team and a great deal of flexibility, as well as an interest in learning. Strong communication skills and confidence are both important, as you have to work with lots of different internal and external contacts on a daily basis.

What else is necessary to work in your division?

Motivation and a strong service focus are especially important. Our team's professional backgrounds are as varied as our daily work. What's important for us is experience in healthcare, for example work experience working in outpatient care as a medical assistant or practice manager. That paves the way for an interesting combination of central business organisation tasks and practical work in the ambulatory healthcare centre. An educational background in healthcare or experience working in project management may also offer a good technical basis.