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Outpatient and inpatient care in our hospitals and our specialised medical care centres.

We want patients all over Germany to be able to benefit from professional health care and we want to play our part in ensuring that this is happens – both in hospitals and in medical practices.

For this reason, we also offer outpatient treatment in medical care centres (MVZ) across Germany in addition to inpatient treatment for our patients in our district clinics in Hamburg.

It is our priority to offer a thoughtful bedside manner and the best treatments for our patients.

Our hospitals in the Hamburg district of Mümmelmannsberg cooperates with doctors from various disciplines, thus offering a comprehensive range of treatments. Doctors across various specialties provide patients nationwide with ambulatory care in our medical care centres specialising in oncology, gastroenterology and immunology.

Nationwide ambulatory patient care

Partnership-based support for doctors and medical nursing staff

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