alanta health group

Overview of alanta

We are an innovative and growing healthcare company offering pharmaceutical manufacturing for patient-specific infusion solutions, drug and medical device distribution, outpatient and inpatient care and medical studies.

Our group consists of five independent companies under the umbrella of the alanta health group. We have more than 1000 employees working at our sites across Germany.

The alanta health group Management Board

Thomas D. Boner
Managing partner and founder, studied Pharmacy in Hamburg.

Enno Scheel
Managing partner and founder, studied Pharmacy in Saarbrücken and Kiel.

Dr. Mirco Schäcke
Managing partner, studied Business Administration in Münster.


We provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. As an experienced and reliable service provider and pharmaceutical manufacturer, we work in close cooperation with clinics, outpatient clinics, medical practices, nursing facilities and pharmacies to provide the best possible medical care for their patients, who are often seriously ill. The highest quality and safety standards, professional expertise, flexibility, punctuality and reliability are important for our customers - and part and parcel of our role.

Our partners and patients can rest assured that our products and services are state of the art and comply with the highest quality standards.

We all assume a great amount of responsibility, knowing how important our work is for the health and well-being of our patients.