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Clinical Research

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Clinical Research

Clinical and healthcare research enable medical progress. The alanta health group provides support in both research areas. For example, we manufacture study drugs and store them properly and safely. We support the conduct of clinical trials primarily through administrative services.

The effect of new drugs is researched in certified study centres under precise conditions. Provision, storage and patient-specific production of study medication is subject to many conditions. ZytoService, the certified manufacturing company within the alanta health group, fulfils these requirements and handles many innovative drug studies nationwide.

Dr. med. Claus-Christoph Steffens

FA for Internal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology, Haemostaseology, palliative medicine

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We support clinical research and advance medical progress.

Not all studies are conducted with innovative drugs. Healthcare research has also increasingly moved into focus. As a rule, this involves documenting and evaluating the therapies actually performed on patients. Questions about duration, dose, side effects, etc. of established therapies play a role. In addition to medical-technical knowledge, conducting studies also requires comprehensive administrative knowledge and an understanding of operative implementation.